Advertised Selection

With many years’ experience working with a variety of media, we have an acute awareness of the complex ingredients that combine to make both online and offline advertising successful recruitment methodologies. We are therefore able to manage advertised selection campaigns from inception to completion. In doing this we work closely with our appointed advertising agency, 33, to design creative and informative advertisements using either our own or client branding. Full advice is given on cost, production, use of colour and graphics, media selection, copy content and timescales in order to maximise the chances of success and meet client expectations.

Additional to both our online and offline offerings, we can also provide our clients with a Microsite service. We will build a small, self-contained site that will enable candidates to access comprehensive details regarding the advertised opportunity, including links to client websites, where relevant. Our clients benefit from lower advertising costs, which would normally be spent on describing the company and the position in detail.

In short, Astralis will remove the smoke and mirrors approach often adopted by the recruitment industry and replace it with a service that is fast, open and effective for both clients and candidates alike.

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