Hello everybody

It’s Mark Knapper here, Managing Director of Astralis, with some news.

I have, after 38 years (!!), decided that the time has come to retire from the world of recruitment. It’s been a difficult decision because it’s a world that I have so thoroughly enjoyed but I have now reached the point where I just want to do something a bit different. And there has been one clinching thing – the opportunity to set up a small property company with my son, Ben (he’s a builder), to renovate and manage properties.

Of course it will also give me a lot more time to focus on other things – particularly on existing charity work, travelling (when possible) – a lot of which will continue to be to wherever the England football team is playing – and writing music arrangements for the Choir I conduct.

As many of you will know, the last 22 years have been spent at Astralis which has been wonderful, fulfilling work and I have loved every minute but, with my moving on, Astralis has closed.

And so all that is left for me to do is to thank clients, candidates, suppliers, colleagues and fellow consultants everywhere for all the support given over the years and I wish every one of you enormous success in whatever you do in the future.

Kind Regards, Mark